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Dan and Laurel marketing and promotion

The concert is booked, the stage set, our route is planned, our plane tickets and car rental bought, and now, how to get a nice audience in those seats?

For concerts in public venues and at festivals, we will promote through radio, print attention, social media, and our mailing list as much as possible. We can send out posters, and blank ones can always be downloaded through the link in the right sidebar of this page. Our most current promotional materials, such as photos, bios, and quotes, can also be downloaded through this link. If you prefer to make your own posters and other marketing materials, we recommend canva.com for free, easy to use templates which you can modify and download entirely through your web browser. Please let us know if you’re not finding something you need from us.

For house concerts, we are happy to promote through our mailing list and social media (sharing an RSVP email for the host if the host is comfortable with that). This all depends on the comfort of the host. Some prefer to keep an event private, which is absolutely fine. In this case, we’d leave promotion entirely up to the hosts and their network. For house concerts in general, we rely largely on the hosts to fill the audience.

For consistency in our branding, please use any of the photos in the right sidebar link when promoting us rather than casual photos found on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Wikipedia, etc. unless you have specifically asked for permission. They may be great photos, but we prefer to use photos from professional photo shoots for our promotional materials as we feel that these best represent our music and image.

We also have a variety of brief and longer descriptions and bio information in the “promoter’s corner” to the right, so there’s no need to start from scratch in finding ways to describe us in your marketing. We present diverse material and it’s taken us years to find ways to most accurately describe ourselves (a constant work in progress!). It’s fine to put a personal spin on descriptions, especially if you’ve attended one of our concerts before, but please send us a copy of what you plan to say before sharing it with the media or your mailing list. On occasion in the past, our music or story was described inaccurately. Using our materials we hope to avoid the confusion of being accidentally misrepresented in the future.

We find that sharing a video or two really helps fill audiences. We hear frequently from audience members who say they decided to come because the host sent a video. No need to keep us a surprise! There will be many surprises and stories during the show which are not featured in videos on YouTube. Any of the videos on our “Video” page here on the site are a good place to start.

It also seems that emails, phone calls, and inviting people when you see them in person are better ways to share details about an upcoming concert than Facebook event pages, Evites, and Meetup Groups. While these latter options might be a good secondary method for sharing event details with your friends, they are more often lost in the shuffle of social media and spam folders than a more personal approach.

For house concert hosts, promoting to family and friends, church and other social groups, and to music schools, jam groups, and arts communities are a good place to start. Think of anyone you know who loves music and making new friends and invite them! Because many people on your list may not have attended a house concert before and might feel uncertain about hearing music in such an intimate atmosphere, it’s very important for a successful concert that you describe a house concert as an intimate though friendly listening event. It is also important to mention upfront that there will be a suggested donation and that CDs and other merchandise will be available for sale so everyone can come prepared to enjoy everything we have to offer.

Some hosts serve refreshments, while others might make it a potluck or serve light snacks, beverages, or dessert. Some hosts serve wine and beer and some suggest a BYOB event, but please note that the atmosphere we enjoy at most of our house concerts does not fit well with heavier drinking. Here’s a wonderful guide to hosting house concerts that will answer many of your questions: https://concertsinyourhome.org/free-guides/

If you wish to host us for a violin/fiddle, songwriting, musicianship, and/or guitar workshop the afternoon before the concert, or the day before or after, we are more than happy to discuss the possibility and come share our expertise! The event can be marketed as a workshop/concert in this case and we will offer a discount rate for those attending both concert and workshop and/or to families attending the workshop. Depending on space and subject, we are comfortable with up to 20 participants per workshop. Please see our Teaching page for more detail.

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